Pattern Tips

Free HST Templates 

Make multiple Half Square Triangles at a time, with no trimming (just the little baby dog ears)! Download the PDFs and print at home. Be sure your printer is set at 100% or Actual Size (and check for accuracy). 

Finished size means what will show once it is sewn into your quilt with 1/4" seams all around!

(8) 2" HSTs PDF (1.5" finished) Print on 8.5x11" Paper

(8) 3.5" HSTs PDF (3" finished) Print on 8.5x11" Paper

(4) 4.5" HSTs PDF (4" finished) Print on 8.5x11" paper

(8) 4.5" HSTs PDF (4" finished) Print on 11x17" Paper

(2) 5" HSTs PDF (4.5" finished) Print on 8.5x11" Paper

(2) 5.5" HSTs PDF (5" finished) Print on 8.5x11" Paper

Aloha Pineapple Quilt Pattern

Cutting Tips:  Before cutting out the blocks, I pin the fabric labels to each fabric so I have a reference.  As I cut the color fabrics, I put the squares into two piles, one pile for the larger size and one pile for the smaller size.  There will be 7 of the larger size squares (these will be paired with the background to make half-square triangles).  After cutting, I keep the scraps with the fabric labels for easy reference.

Layout Diagrams:  The letters/numbers in the layout diagram do not correspond to the colors of the fabrics.  They are the order in which the blocks and rows are sewn.  To lay out the pieces, I always start with the tips of the pineapple, which are Color 1 (Blue).  I continue laying out the blocks for the crown and move on to the body of the pineapple, following the colors in the Layout Diagram (but ignoring the letters/numbers).  For the Rainbow Colorway, Color 1  and Color 2 are repeated at the bottom of the pineapple.  I then fill in with the background pieces.

Sewing Rows Together:  After laying out all of the blocks, you would begin by sewing A1 to A2 (see Layout Diagram).  Then you would sew B1 to B2 to B3 to B4.  After sewing all the blocks in each row together, you sew the rows together matching the seams, (Sew the A row to the B row).