Longarm Quilting Services


 blue and gold quilt with stars

Longarm Quilting Services

Thank you for your interest in longarm quilting services.  I have a Bernina Q24 with QMatic on a 12 foot frame.  I can accommodate quilts up to 115 inches wide.  I use Glide thread.  My turnaround time for E2E quilting is currently two weeks. 

Your backing needs to be square and extend beyond your quilt top by 4 inches on all sides.  When joining your backing fabric, use a ½” seam and press the seam open.  If you provide your own quality batting, it also needs to extend beyond your quilt top by 4 inches on all sides.  The quilt top and backing need to be pressed.  Clip loose threads and check for any holes or unsewn seams.  

The biggest challenge for longarmers is dealing with wavy quilt borders.  This is when the borders are longer than the quilt center.  The excess fabric causes waves and the fabric will pucker during the quilting process.  I cannot guarantee that fullness and puckers will be quilted out.  In some cases, excessive fullness will cause the quilt to not be square.  The best way to avoid wavy borders is to measure carefully when applying borders.  Be sure to not stretch your quilt center when measuring or your borders will be too long.

Please check out these great resources to insure you will have flat borders:

National Quilter’s Circle Video Tutorial:  How to Make a Quilt Border: Cutting and Measuring

Hugs ‘n Kisses Blog Tutorial: Do you struggle with wavy borders on your quilt tops?


Edge to Edge Longarm Quilting

         Loose Density                                             $.025 per square inch

         Standard Dense                                          $.03 - $.04 per square inch                                    

Supplies (Top and bobbin thread, a fresh needle)          $5.00 per project

 Batting (sold by the foot)

 Quilter’s Dream Select (mid loft, a great choice for throws and bed quilts and quilts with Minky backings, 100% cotton, white): $6 per foot for 90” wide, $8 per foot for over 90”

Quilter’s Dream Poly Deluxe (heaviest loft, perfect for throws and bed quilts, 100% polyester, white): $6 per foot for 90” wide, $8 per foot for over 90”

 Quilter’s Dream Supreme (heaviest loft, oh so snuggly for those long Alaskan winters, 100% cotton, natural): $8 per foot for 90” wide, $10 per foot for over 90”

Winline 6 oz. Bamboo (mid loft with excellent drape, ideal for throws and bed quilts); $8 per foot for 90" wide, $10 per foot for over 90"

 Backing Assembly                                                             $15.00

 Binding (includes trimming and hand-finishing)          $.35 per linear inch

 Sewing Repairs                                                                  $25 per hour

 Ironing                                                                               $15 per project

 Minimum Quilting Charge                                                $40 per project